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DOCK SETTER (Manual or Powered)

DOCK SETTER (Manual or Powered)

DOCK SETTER (Manual or Powered)


Our customers value quality products and believe that a day at the lake should be time to unwind with family and friends.

Simply roll your floating water pad out with the side crank or push of a button. Next, slide the pad down to water level and you are ready for a great lake day. Keeping the pad on your Dock Setter while it's deployed prevents it from moving around with the wind or current and provides for safer operation.  Should you want to release your pad from your Dock Setter, you can easily pull the release pin to detach your roller bar for floating or storage.

When you are done for the day, no more struggling, lifting, strapping, or moving your floating water pad. Simply pull up on the handle and your pad will lift out of the water on its own.  When you begin rolling, our Dock Setter will automatically strap hold your pad in place until your next use! 

  • One-time initial installation
  • Matt Mounts attached to Roller Bar secure your pad onto Dock Setter
  • Hydraulic lift struts with help lift and lower your pad into the water
  • Roll up crank design or Power option
  • Bungee strapping system will strap as it rolls
  • Quick release spring side pin to remove or attach roller bar 
  • 81”x58”x5”

**Patent Pending.  Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA with marine grade aluminum.  Foam mat NOT included.